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GS3 Photography / GS3 News Online / Magazine / http://blog.gs3.us GS3 News / Information / Technology / City News / Sports / Fashion / Politics / #GS3Photography Mon, 13 Nov 2017 22:49:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8.4 Whitney & Jeremy’s Wedding http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1928 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1928#respond Mon, 13 Nov 2017 22:49:07 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1928 Wedding photographer Giorgio Sabino

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Protest Rocks Cleveland Public Square  http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1925 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1925#respond Sun, 05 Nov 2017 00:24:31 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1925 Chants rang out from “Dump trump” or “not my president” and “trump global disaster”!

Protesters use their First Amendment right in March peacefully! 

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Jill Scott Music – – Photographed by Georgio Sabino III  http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1922 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1922#respond Wed, 01 Nov 2017 18:39:35 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1922 Jill
The latest powerhouse joining the ranks of the one-name “songstress sisterhood” a-la Sade, Whitney, Mariah, Erykah & Mary, is the tremendously talented Jill. Sans Scott, you still tremble at the name.

Jill. Her “Beautifully Human” tour graciously made its rounds to C-town in Spring, leaving neo-soul heads and hip-hoppers lucky enough to see & hear her perform, mesmerized. Her Cleveland connection was brief but breathtaking! An unusually warm March evening outside-gave way to a buxom stage backdrop inside called Scott. The songstress silhouetted behind the velvet Playhouse curtain, was patiently waiting to bless the stage with her beauty not to mention, bomb-ass vocals! The indoor venue enhanced the natural acoustics emitting from windpipes that would not soon be forgotten.

Opening for Ms. Jill, was a label-mate. A faceless, nameless warm-up act designed to settle the roaring crowd, and create a diversion for the early birds. A sultry saxophonist followed– blowing instrumental ballads of Scott’s past playlists. The familiar tunes turned the awaiting larvae in our souls into butterflies in our bellies! SHE’S coming.

With the energy of the sax man’s odes-du-Jill still lingering. SHE stole the stage. SHE commanded her followers to their feet, and we humbly obliged. SHE could’ve commanded the sun to re-shine after retiring for the evening-and it would have done so with haste! Just her smile, her larger-than-life presence could’ve made mountains feel minuscule. “You’re here. I’m pleased. I really dig your company-y … ” and we yours, Jill. We couldn’t wait to take the Long Walk tonight.

3 songs in, Ms. Scott encouraged the entranced crowd to come closer to the stage. Despite being a mere 7 rows back, I still fought my way to the 6th, then 5th trying to come ever closer to the enigma that is SHE. We forfeited comfy seats in 7, to stand in stilettos in row 2 the rest of the show. The painful trade was well worth it.

The most palatable part of her show sprung from the song “Do You Remember?” She talked to the crowd as if she was having a “sistah-girl,” down-home talk about love and pride and just “keepin’ it real”! Her monologue reminding black men to “remember” her & other black women– to say “hello” when they see a black woman vs. turning up their noses at us. The primarily black female crowd erupted in enthusiastic applause, cheers, and “You go, girls!” Jill was speaking for us, and did it with style, poise and conviction.

Rounding out the show was “Gettin’ in the Way”, “It’s Love” and “The Way”. When Jill finally left the stage, the audience made it clear that they felt slighted-screaming out “He loves me!” … “He loves me!” Pause. “He loves me!” Silence. It seemed like forever, but Mama didn’t disappoint– returning to quench the thirsty crowd’s cries with a low, melodic hum echoing from behind the curtain. The roaring crowd grew instantly mute. Then … the ultimate serenade. “He loves meeee especialll-lly different… ever-y … time … ” SHE emerged. Again. This time, more beautiful and glowing than the first. Shrieks and screams drowned out the very tune we’d been waiting all concert to hear! “He Loves Me” lasted long .. but could’ve spanned a lifetime for all we cared-a fitting song to end not only a romantic evening, but a soulful showing from a singer who just oozes “black love.”

She sincerely & graciously thanked all of her us for “feeling” her & showing so much love. It was well earned. What’s most impressive about the melody was her “down to earth” demeanor-despite being obviously BEAT from throat to feet! As she stood stage-front, sweaty, bottled water bobbing from a bent finger, grinning like a Cheshire cat on Quaaludes tears welled up in her eyes. The pure emotion flooding those beautiful brown windows, showed her soul. And it was real. It was real. We cried right along with her.

Jill Scott is a force to be reckoned with now, and for many decades to come. She’s bringing back the lost art of love, being IN love, GIVING love & just ENJOYING life in its simplest forms. Her music spoke to us. No it roared, hummed, and howled like a beautiful banshee! Keep doing what you do, girl. We’re listening.


Miss. January .J. Keaton

AM PA – 19 Action News

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Abundant Life International Church: Pastor T birthday Party http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1920 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1920#respond Wed, 01 Nov 2017 01:02:13 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1920

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Cuyahoga Community College – Tri-C Marketing ads http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1912 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1912#respond Tue, 31 Oct 2017 18:05:35 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1912

Cuyahoga Community College – Tri-C Marketing ads

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The Artist Georgio Sabino III http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1904 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1904#respond Mon, 30 Oct 2017 17:45:50 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1904 If it is a rare thing for art and industry to marry seamlessly than Georgio Sabino III is a true unicorn. He is prompt, cordial and has a very demure and subtle approach to being hospitable. This aforementioned trait allows him to a perfect fit for every occasion corporate function, wedding, concert or a mitzvah. In my eyes GS3 is the gold standard by which all other photographers are measured. Georgio is a kindred to the late Bill Cunningham of the New York Times because of his affinity and dedication to the work and the art of story telling. His desire can only be described as enthralled. His diligence is only rivaled by his passion. His passion is the flame that brews up a flavorful, hearty and smooth jambalaya of innovation, creativity. His work is magical, as it is wonderfully textured and brilliant in how vibrant the many hues of color draw you into another world; the world of the photo.  Above all things his since of urgency for promptly delivering photos is unbelievable. When he arrives upon delivery you will swear you hear the rumbling of the swaying wagons and robust horses of the pony express. Georgio is simply a pro and when he puts his signature on your memories they become classics. 

Andre Cato 

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Cleveland: Bishop Perez http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1902 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1902#respond Thu, 26 Oct 2017 12:58:23 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1902

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April & James’ Wedding http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1897 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1897#respond Sun, 22 Oct 2017 01:37:27 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1897 Please schedule your date or event with GS3 photography

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Technology: Police Safety App http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1892 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1892#respond Wed, 11 Oct 2017 12:24:43 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1892 What I can share is this app provides time for the officer. But what it will reduce is false arrest, police brutality and shootings. By providing “time” for the officer on the countless interactions with the public this app will reduce harm.

Les Brown,motivational speaker, gives a video testimonial that he believes in this app will work, state representative Peter lawson Jones and criminal defense attorney Scott Ramsey also do too. 

If you like to see an app that will equalize the accountability and the playing field for the public please go to this gofundme page. 

The Vision: 

Imagine a future in which technology can be used for the betterment of our society, for preventing discrimination, injustice, senseless killing, wrongful imprisonment and/or human civil rights abuse(s). What if there was a way to create an incentive for doing what’s right by the law to protect citizens, as well as law enforcement, with a means of providing checks and balances on power that holds everyone accountable for their actions? What if that same system of checks and balances could be applied to other parts of the world so that human suffering could be avoided?
The Problem:

Americans and other citizens of the world are currently living in an era of greater division, polarity, extremism and disparities than ever before. Current events in the news and countless statistics highlight everyday injustices committed against innocent people simply because of prejudice and discrimination on any number of fronts. 

The Plan:

GS3 Inc. proposes an integrated technology application that will prevent civil rights abuse(s) and provide due process of law for anyone who is unjustly detained or stopped by law enforcement. This community ‘app’ simultaneously will improve police job performance in tandem with the community, better protect police officers as well, and provide new employment opportunities for others who wish to promote the common good of our society. 

The Call to Action:

This app is so important to advancing the cause of civil rights in keeping with the times. If you had a chance to be a part of something that would stop police profiling and brutality, reduce arrests and halt the prison pipeline, what is it worth to you so that we all could get along?

To become a part of the solution, you are being asked to:

•Contribute financially towards seeding the start-up cost of launching this app, and/or

•Provide an introduction to other contacts that would invest or donate to this development. 

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What the heart will tell you! http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1890 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1890#respond Tue, 03 Oct 2017 15:59:36 +0000 http://blog.gs3.us/?p=1890

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