The Ohio State buckeyes take on Michigan State Spartans

Your right.

Bad play calling considering the talent. If Woody Hayes to come out of his grave he would’ve pushed urban Meyer, the staff, OSU alumni and said go to work! 

When is it OK for a student athlete to challenge the play calling on the field? I believe that Mr. Elliott told the correct story that he is a gifted and talented player he should’ve been used to win the game. But the play calling shows he only had one call and fourth quarter. Mr. Elliott up until this time had 1400 yards running for the Ohio State buckeyes. How could the coaching not playing this man?

Braxton Miller had a very short game who is one of the most exciting players to watch. He was under utilized and deserves better from coach urban Meyer. 

Cardale Jones one of the most exciting players of last season to win the national championships for the buckeyes didn’t play well this season. It sounds like Ohio State took the fun out of playing football this year. 

In my opinion this goes down as one of the worst games ever played because of the coaching. The Ohio State buckeyes at all of the tower in the world to repeat the national championship in the second playoff game and failed to do so. 

Coach urban Meyer did not prove this year that he is a great coach. Team did not win in a fashion that why they use the eye test or playcalling. 

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