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Ohio and every City in it!

Each city in Ohio has so much to celebrate. But let’s start with the big three C’s. Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati all have wonderful things going on. New construction and more millennial’s moving downtown.

What should be celebrating? We should celebrate like we do Christmas with all the wonderful lights around. Each city should change the lights for the four seasons.

We should be celebrating every day like it’s Friday and every nights like Saturday. If you wanna be a big city we have to act like a big city and some of our businesses need to stay open 24 hours a day seven days a week. Nightclubs included. Every casinos should have a dance club.

The Ohio State Buckeyes Beat Michigan Wolverines

In an explosive win Ohio State buckeyes beat up on the Michigan Wolverines. The Ohio State field is rushed as women lay down to take photographs on the turf.

Wedding Wire: GS3 Wedding Photographer

I have been an active professional photographer since 2002.

I spend most of my time photographing Business Headshots, Families and Events.

Weddings are always one of my favorites. I have enjoyed capturing the history between people, places and things.

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Wedding Photographer