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The Nikole Las Vegas Georgio Sabino III

Supermodel, a highly paid fashion model
The term supermodel (also spelled super-model[3][4][5][6][7] and super model[8][9][10][11]) refers to a highly-paid fashion model who usually has a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture and commercial modeling. The term became prominent in the popular culture of the 1980s.[12] Supermodels usually work for top fashion designers and famous clothing brands. They have multi-million dollar contracts, endorsements and campaigns. They have branded themselves as household names and worldwide recognition is associated with their modeling careers.[13][14][15][16] They have been on the covers of prestigious magazines such as French, British and Italian Vogue. Claudia Schiffer stated, “In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time so that people can recognise the girls.”[17][18]

It’s the Smile (Georgio Sabino III) by Skyline A.K.A. John “Sky” Davison

To know Georgio  Sabino III is a kin to being good friend with a enigma.  A hidden social stigma that many I’ve come across have ,but few use to their advantage.  It’s that smile.  It’s that smile that says “I know a secret you don’t…yet.”  That’s the difference I see in Georgio Sabino III, owner and proud founder of GS3 Studios.  He is a man with more than just a secret, but a vision; a vision for anyone willing to take the risk of listening, then considering, then perhaps puitting to action some of this vision into pratice in owe’s own life.  If it fits, fine.  If not then perhaps pass the knowledge on to someone else.  Maybe they can use it.

Photography by Omari Abijah Souza, 2020 Photography by Omari Abijah Souza

What is the vision, you ask?  Well, from my own artist’s eye, I see the vision as one of the success for everyone with a will and burning desire to create be it through the visual arts, such as painting or photography(, his Speciality), but sound , touch, movement  etc as well.  The vision begins with teaching; a passing of tourch if you will.  His vision for himself as a teacher just recently began with his enrollment in CWRU with strict intentions on earning  an advanced degree in addition to the BFA earned in…from Kent State University.  With this begins his journey onward toward bringing to fruition a vision that one day may serve a blue print  for finding one’s own personal creative genius… Dad 759 AKA John “Sky” Davison “Nameen” A.K.A. Skyline Tatoo Artist Brooklyn NYC.

Ahleea, GS3 Super Model Ahleea, GS3 Super Model / Skyline




Artists at 1900 Exhibit Bucks The Trend Of Economic Hard Times by Maria Gatmaytan

DATE: April 27, 2019

CONTACT: Christopher Yoshito

PHONE: (678) 592-8213



RE: Artists at 1900 Exhibit Bucks The Trend Of Economic Hard Times

GS3 Banner Art, Fashion & Wedding

CLEVELAND – While many Americans may look to the future with dubious uncertainty about their financial future, for area artists the issues of enough resources for housing, food and other basics are an ongoing way of life that are no different now than before the latest economic crisis.

In spite of these tough times, resident artist Georgio Sabino III and 15 of a collaborative group, The Artists at 1900, will have their works on exhibit at the Wooltex Gallery of the Tower Press Building at 1900 Superior Avenue in Cleveland during the weekend of May 16-17, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m.

“It’s kind of interesting what’s happening [with the economy],” notes artist and entrepreneur Georgio Sabino III. “We [artists] didn’t really lose a lot, because we didn’t have anything to begin with… all we have is our art…”

Sabino will have more than his art during that weekend. He will have completed his master’s degree in art education from Case Western Reserve University and participate in the commencement activities with his niece, Paige Smith, who also will graduate with her bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

According to a December 2008 report by the regional Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, “From Rust Belt to Artist Belt: Challenges and Opportunities in Rust Belt Cities”, despite a struggling regional economy, artists have much to offer towards revitalization efforts. The assets that artists can offer include: migration to, and reconsideration of, inner cities; economic impact; a boost to property values; sweat equity; engaged citizenry; civic vitality; and, youth development and educational enrichment.

The latter is of special interest to Sabino, who hails from a large family and a bevy of youthful friends and relatives. Sabino particularly sees and feels the need to nurture young people to persevere towards a better future by getting a good education. In this regard, the CPAC report emphasizes “The need for an educated and creative workforce has never been greater than in the current economic era.”

Sabino’s first hand realization of this need to become a role model and to encourage youths stems from his own personal history as an African-American male of mixed ethnic (Creole) heritage and many learning challenges. In describing his birthright, he stated, “My momma was French Indonesian and Spanish, and my daddy African-American and Native American. But most everyone who looks at me sees just another Black man in America trying to make it…”

Having grown up in a range of living situations from the upper-middle class lifestyle of affluent suburbs, as well as being in middle class rural ‘small town USA’ and poorer urban neighborhoods, Sabino’s sense of the disparities in America between issues of race, class, access and privilege have been acutely observed. He credits his seventh grade art teacher with opening his mind to the possibilities that art could afford in expanding his world.

After graduating from the Kent State University Fine Art program in 1999, Sabino partnered with a friend to operate and sell their respective fashion lines at their own Soho boutique Soul Fire. He also had a fashion show at the Puck Building in New York City and other venues. Since then, Sabino’s other life experiences have encompassed work in corporate, celebrity and fashion photography; sales and marketing; community art education, voluntarism and mentoring; and substitute teaching in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District.

During his graduate studies at Case, Sabino compared his own learning process with that of students now impacted by the No Child Left Behind Act, from which the primary thematic influence of his master’s art thesis developed. Sabino’s exhibit will include this triptych symbolizing the experience of being a Black student in the American educational system. Sabino’s paintings reflect a lifetime of perseverance and the subsequent achievement of his educational goals to date.

One of Sabino’s mentors and contemporary artist Bruce Conforti observes, “The city of Cleveland should be looking forward to seeing the works of an emerging talented artist like Georgio. I believe in the saying, ‘The cream always rises to the top.’ Artists have to get out there and get seen, and people have to do their due diligence. In that regard, it doesn’t matter what the economy is. Good art sells and besides, it’s [art is] a good investment.”

Other artists whose work will be featured include: Anna Arnold, Robert Banks, Cushmere Bell, Bruce Biro, Danny Carver, Michael Greenwald, Mario Kujawski, Krisztina Lazar, Mike Levy, Billy Nainiger, Rachel Truitt, Hector Vega, Sequoia Versillee, Bob Walls and Jerome White. For more information, contact The Artists at 1900 via e-mail: info@artistsat1900.com or by phone at (678) 592-8213

written by Maria Gatmaytan

Blocks of Fire / Educational Genocide by Georgio Sabino 6'x6' 2009 Blocks of Fire / Educational Genocide by Georgio Sabino 6’x6′ 2009

GS3 Banner Art, Fashion & Wedding


Sugar Water Gives Strength to the Wise by: Will Napoli

Article by: Will Napoli                                     Sugar Water Gives Strength to the Wise

September 6, 2005


In March of this year, Georgio Sabino III had an opportunity to meet and photograph Jill Scott while she appeared at the State Theatre.  A year earlier he had shot Erykah Badu at her show in the same venue.  Scott was so taken by the energetic, smiling Sabino who has photographed hundreds of celebrities from all fields of note that she invited him to photograph the Sugar Water Festival where she would be performing alongside Queen Latifah and Erykah Badu.  Sabino knows a good gig when it surfaces so he agreed to take the metropolis-hopping, night-shooting, beaty, big, beautiful job.

Traveling with the band on the 20-city tour, Sabino was treated to the best amenities and an inside look at this powerful enterprise concocted by Latifah but owned in equal parts by the triumphant triumvirate.  These award-winning songstresses are icons in the industry and ever-rising markers in the progress of creative, entrepreneurial African American women.  Sugar Water attendee Jeffri Epps in Atlanta pointed out, “You’re getting to see three women each of whom could easily have carried the show on her own.”  Sabino found them compelling and unbelievably in touch from the very start.

Sugar Water Tour by GS3 Sugar Water Tour by GS3

In Columbia, Maryland, Latifah’s people were in the crowd and it made for a special evening under the stars.  In fact, all the shows were at outdoors arenas as much to celebrate the summer as provide the widest possible audience.  Their alternatively tough and tender tones were sent out into the world and up to the heavens.  Meanwhile, Sabino was busy capturing the moments in photos that he would send off to the tour’s promotions department.  As powerful and in charge as Latifah and her two partners are with ownership of the tour, they are equally astute in delegating duties to allow them to relax and enjoy the experience.  It’s work, but it’s joyous work.

The first to arrive on site and the last to leave, Sabino is in charge of getting the shots: the ladies stepping off their personal tour buses, the roadies setting up the stage, backstage, on stage, the crowd, the sets, the finale, the wrap up, heading out to the next gig.  In Atlanta, festival attendee Robert Arrington, Jr. had a chance to see Sabino at work and was impressed by his equal attention to getting great shots of the audience as well as the performers.  On his days off, Sabino rests, thankful that the celebratory bliss these women exude is such that his work is also joyous work.  From 7 to 11 PM on the nights of the shows, thousands get to experience the feeling coursing through Sabino like an electric meal.

Jill Scott by GS3 Jill Scott by GS3

Floetry was probably about the best pick for an opening act as could be made.  Their contrasting styles of lyrical soul and percussive spoken word exemplify the unison of separate models of womanly empowerment in a moment of art that spans traditions and emotions.  They encompass Mother Earth and make her sound like a little girl leading the choir or leading a band of street soldiers.  Its no wonder they get standing ovations even before the headliners hit the stage.

Queen Latifah gave two performances in one all on her own as she changed up her jazz and soul selections from “The Dana Owens Album” and went back to where it started for her professionally with Hip Hop blazing through numerous selections in her allotted time.  That would prove to be a major theme throughout the shows: elegant, powerful ladies with range.  These divas turn barriers into bookmarks as they each sing from a fat book of songs.  Latifah strode off stage through the crowd with her finale, “U.N.I.T.Y.” and slapped hands to stress the point.

Queen Latifah by GS3 Queen Latifah by GS3

Jill Scott took her time with her songs.  She stretched half as many songs as Latifah sang into elegant studies of the human voice.  By the time she got to “Whatever” she was enticing the audience with her sultry seductions enough to put them in a frenzy.  Then she finished strong, belting out “He Loves Me.”

Erykah Badu delivered her rare blends in the final set starting light and heading into “Danger” where she trailed away from the accompaniment on an a capella excursion that made the case for her status as a modern diva.  Then she returned to playfulness in her finish with “Tyrone.”


Erykah Badu by GS3 Erykah Badu by GS3

As couples in the audience took in breaths to remind themselves of where their individual bodies were in relation to the new unity of themselves and the world reborn in the night’s raptus, the three stars joined on stage to sing “Never Too Much” in remembrance of Luther Vandross and reminder that it’s true.  There’s never too much love, whether it’s the love of singing to the next town or the love of providing community service when the proceeds get put to use.

Sabino is back in town, having just covered the Don King Showtime fight card at the Gund arena.  He’s also busy with Models-at-1900.com looking for the right young woman to sponsor in spring boarding a new career.  There’s never too much work, but he’s going to take a break soon.  Not because he’s worn out, but because he has to focus on how best he can help his family in Pascagoula, Mississippi, as they try to rebuild their lives after hurricane Katrina.  “Sabino” means wise and his family comes from Pascagoula, but it may be no coincidence that Georgio Sabino III has recently been energized by three fertile souls and become awash in deep thoughts in the songs of his generation.

Georgio Sabino III Launches Photography and Design

Georgio Sabino III Launches Photography and Design

Artist Georgio Sabino III announces the launch of his new photography and design firm, featuring a wide range of custom-tailored and commissioned pieces for personal, private and corporate ventures.

(PRWEB) October 7, 2004 – updated

Georgio Sabino III is pleased to announce the launch of his new photography and design firm featuring high fashion photography, family portraiture and multi-media art designs. Located in Suite 106 at 1900 Superior Avenue, GS3 custom tailors fashion and his art for personal, private and corporate ventures. He also has offices in Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

“You will be impressed, exalted and mesmerized by the way my team captures what you desire and the celestial moment that is achieved through art,” states Sabino.

Design by Bernard Tarver Design by Bernard Tarver

Among his recent efforts is a book that features the artists of the Tower Press building where he lives and works. ““The Artists at 1900″” will be published as a hard cover edition with a CD recording of interviews and insights of the resident artists. A soft cover edition will be a catalogue of the artists and their contact information.

Also under way are Sabino’’s efforts to contract the provision of art in the Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse in downtown Cleveland. He would like to feature his photography of the lakefront views of the city, as well as the works of The Artists at 1900 throughout the building. In the spring he will be conducting three shows around the country and overseas.

Design by Bernard Tarver Design by Bernard Tarver

In sharing his love of the arts, Sabino has taught courses at the Cleveland School of the Arts, the Virginia Marti College of Fashion Design and Ursuline College. He also conducts private instruction in the visual arts, consultation in fashion and photography, and is available for guest lectures.

His work has been in the Puck building in Soho, New York, as well as in Secaucus, New Jersey as one of the designers in the 1999 fashion show by New Day Associates. His work has been seen throughout Greater Cleveland in venues such as Sankofa Fine Arts Show June 2004, Artefino “Dog” Show and coming up the City Artists at Work gallery hop, (http://www.cityartistsatwork.com).

Most notable among his accomplishments were his exhibits at NASA Glenn Research Center through the SEMAA office (Science Engineering Mathematics Aerospace Academy) and the Cleveland Fine Arts Expo in May 2003 at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C).

by GS3 by GS3

His photography has appeared in Smithsonian Associate, Essence and motivational speaker George Fraser’’s Success Guide magazines as well as George Fraser’’s book Success Runs in Our Race. Locally, he was published in City News, the Sun Press, Urban Dialect magazine, CoolCleveland.com and http://www.augustofineart.com/afa-studio.html

Sabino’s gallery includes fashion paintings, abstract art, hand-painted silks and haute couture photography. “Are you ready?” is Sabino’s team slogan, always at the cutting edge of new frontiers to be discovered.

The Greek orator and politician Demosthenes once said “A “small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”,” More than 500 years later, who would have thought that artist Georgio Sabino III would be fulfilling these very words.


GS3 can be reached at (216) 256-7018. Or you can visit the following web

https://www.Twitter.com/GS3team                                           https://www.gs3.us 📸


Kimora Lee

Kimora Lee by GS3 Georgio Sabino III
Kimora Lee, a photo by GS3 Georgio Sabino III on Flickr.

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