Clash of Color – American Play by Ariel Wiles

Clash of Colors is a powerful and poignant play that explores the struggles and sacrifices of a young southern woman who joins a civil rights group in Kentucky in 1963. The play, written and directed by Ariel Wiles, is staged at the Columbus Performing Arts Center with a talented cast of actors who bring to life the historical events and emotions of that turbulent year.

The protagonist, Pamela Fields, played by Mariah Pina, is a courageous and compassionate character who decides to leave her comfortable life in Alabama and join a group of activists led by Thomas (Dylan Hughes), a charismatic and charismatic leader who inspires her to fight for justice and equality. Along the way, she faces opposition from her family, friends, and society at large, as well as violence and intimidation from racist groups. She also forms friendships and bonds with other activists such as Cleveland (Michael Armstrong), Terrence (Cevin Fisher), Theresa (Kelli Clark), Hazel (Grace Auls), Juanita (Cheyanne Tutt), Maurice (Gerald Lipsey), Otis (Theo White), and Vince (King Pettiford). The play depicts some of the key moments of the civil rights movement in 19631234, such as the Birmingham campaign2, the March on Washington1, the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church4, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy3.

The play is well-written, with realistic dialogue and compelling scenes that capture the tension, drama, humor, and hope of that era. The actors deliver outstanding performances that convey the passion, pain, courage, and resilience of their characters. Mariah Pina shines as Pamela Fields, portraying her transformation from a naive girl to a mature woman who stands up for her beliefs. Dylan Hughes is equally impressive as Thomas, showing his charisma, leadership skills, and vulnerability. The supporting cast also does an excellent job of creating memorable characters with distinct personalities and backgrounds.

The play also features effective use of music, lighting, costumes, props, and sound effects to create a vivid atmosphere and mood for each scene. The lighting design helps to highlight the emotions and actions on stage, such as using bright colors for joyful moments, and dark colors for somber ones. The costumes reflect the style and social status of each character, such as wearing formal suits for politicians and casual clothes for activists. The props include signs, flags, banners, newspapers, etc., that add realism and context to each scene. The sound effects from the actors created suspense and shock.

Clash of Colors is a must-see play for anyone interested in learning more about one of the most important periods in American history. It is not only an educational but also an entertaining experience that will make you laugh, cry, think, and feel inspired by the brave people who fought for their rights and changed their nation.

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