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GS3 Worldwide The GS3 Team is a multi-media design firm that individually designs personal sessions and packages for weddings, corporate, fashion and family photography, and other multi-media art for private and corporate collections. Company Overview GS3 Street Team is a next-generation web-based advertising firm that serves the emerging music entertainment/night club market for events promotion and direct marketing. Located worldwide, we have ready access to the sharpest interns and recent graduates from several universities. Our advertising and promotional campaigns appeal to the local night club/concert market segment. By offering several quality options, we meet the primary needs of three market segments, with additional options for customers transitioning between market segments. In 2007, founder Georgio Sabino III and Team has recognized the opportunity to provide efficient and cost-effective advertisement and promotional marketing services to the local night club/concert industry with few online sources available to meet the needs of the local entertainment industry. Recent changes in the geographic and economic environment have increased the demand for advertisement and promotional marketing services which make it extremely appealing for our prospective clients to reach out through e-commerce and web-based marketing. The GS3 Team sees this as a prime opportunity to apply his business interests and experience to yield high potential profits and work in the area of his greatest passion. Description GS3 art, fashion, and photography team has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, and prominent members of the political, religious and entertainment communities and the community at-large. Mission We, the GS3 team engages as a partner-focused, collaborative approach for those who employ the firm's services, working with a team of beauty, fashion and corporate image experts, to create results that are custom tailored for each individual, family or company. It’s our pleasure to photograph your event weather it’s a weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers, gala gatherings, and corporate events we will capture your special moments in the atmosphere as exciting as your occasion and highlight the all the characteristics. -- The GS3 Team How can I add value? * Your professional and personal image will be heightened by the eye and skills of the GS3 team. #GS3Photography, @GS3Photography, #GS3Photography, GS3 Photography, Georgio Sabino III, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography, Hire Photographer, Event Photographer, Quality Photographer, Best Photographer Ever!, Affordable, Engagements, Bride & Groom, Family Sessions,

Artist Spotlight: Georgio Sabino III

Twice an official photographer at The White House for President Obama’s invitation to photograph the Ohio State Buckeyes 2015 and the Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 National Championships, Georgio Sabino III continues to consistently create magic, not only in Cleveland and Ohio, but also all over the United States. Among his many pursuits, he presently is working with the Uumbaji Art Gallery at Kent State University. He has served as an art juror for the former Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Congresswoman Marsha Fudge, and as a guest lecturer at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design, Ursuline College and Cuyahoga Community College. He served on the board of the Cleveland Entertainment Coalition and his work with numerous community organizations helped raise their visibility through his engagement and service as a chief visionary and prime strategist.

Searching for dramatic lines, and tracing vibrant colors depicting strong contrast enriches Georgio’s artwork. “A sense of completeness is achieved by paying attention to symmetry and balance,” Sabino shares. “I enjoy creating art that stimulates the imagination and challenges the intellect, propelling the viewer towards celestial heights where they can explore, discover and uncover their polyrhythmic identities through my work.”

An experienced artist, entrepreneur and educator in the professional arts and business community, he fosters real life connections with business pioneers to build and develop new talent and works of art. Georgio’s 20 years of business ownership has proven and provided leadership qualities, giving perspective to his expertise in the field of art. His graduate thesis on “Educational Genocide” advances the mental, physical and overall well being of customers, clients and students, balanced with cultural sensitivity and an empathetic understanding of history as it unfolds.

Sabino’s photographs and graphic designs convey polyrhythmic identities striving to be heard, but especially to be seen. By concentrating on the principles of design, a thorough understanding of the relationship between the visual arts, and the future of art, is conveyed to where you are compelled to feel the moment.


Director, Uumbaji Gallery, Kent State University, 2019

Exhibitor, Uumbaji Gallery Kent State University

Photo Coverage:

Republican National Convention (RNC), Cleveland, 2016

President Obama honored 2016 National Champions Cleveland Cavaliers at the White House

Kehinde Wiley lecture, Cleveland Museum of Art, 2015

President Obama honored 2015 National Champions Ohio State Buckeyes at the White House

Democratic Debate: Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Moderators Tim Russert,

Brian Williams, Cleveland State University, 2008

Art Juror, Congresswoman Marsha Fudge, Congressional Art Competition, Washington D.C. 2014

Art Juror, Case Western Reserve University, Art Studio Competition, 2010

Guggenheim Museum, Education Department Field Study, CWRU, 2009

Congressional Black Caucus Washington DC, Sen. Hilary Clinton Sen. Obama 2008

Studio Museum of Harlem, New York, NY Education Department, Field Study, CWRU 2009

Cleveland State University, Dr. Wright: After School Program: Intergenerational Dialogue, 2006-08

Art Juror, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Congressional Art Competition, D.C. 2005-06

National Arts Program, Honorable Mention & Scholarship Awardee, January 2004

Kelly Randall Gallery, Exhibitor by juried selection for City Works, 2004

Attendee, 2005 Inauguration President Bush: Supreme Court Historical Society Ball

Tower Press Building, Selected Artist & Awardee of Live/Work Loft by Juried Competition,

Cleveland, Ohio, 2003- 2010

Cleveland Institute of Art: Postgraduate Fiber Arts, Class (2001)

Student of John Isaac, Award-Winning Photographer for United Nations.

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