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GS3 Worldwide The GS3 Team is a multi-media design firm that individually designs personal sessions and packages for weddings, corporate, fashion and family photography, and other multi-media art for private and corporate collections. Company Overview GS3 Street Team is a next-generation web-based advertising firm that serves the emerging music entertainment/night club market for events promotion and direct marketing. Located worldwide, we have ready access to the sharpest interns and recent graduates from several universities. Our advertising and promotional campaigns appeal to the local night club/concert market segment. By offering several quality options, we meet the primary needs of three market segments, with additional options for customers transitioning between market segments. In 2007, founder Georgio Sabino III and Team has recognized the opportunity to provide efficient and cost-effective advertisement and promotional marketing services to the local night club/concert industry with few online sources available to meet the needs of the local entertainment industry. Recent changes in the geographic and economic environment have increased the demand for advertisement and promotional marketing services which make it extremely appealing for our prospective clients to reach out through e-commerce and web-based marketing. The GS3 Team sees this as a prime opportunity to apply his business interests and experience to yield high potential profits and work in the area of his greatest passion. Description GS3 art, fashion, and photography team has worked with celebrities, professional athletes, and prominent members of the political, religious and entertainment communities and the community at-large. Mission We, the GS3 team engages as a partner-focused, collaborative approach for those who employ the firm's services, working with a team of beauty, fashion and corporate image experts, to create results that are custom tailored for each individual, family or company. It’s our pleasure to photograph your event weather it’s a weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, showers, gala gatherings, and corporate events we will capture your special moments in the atmosphere as exciting as your occasion and highlight the all the characteristics. -- The GS3 Team How can I add value? * Your professional and personal image will be heightened by the eye and skills of the GS3 team. #GS3Photography, @GS3Photography, #GS3Photography, GS3 Photography, Georgio Sabino III, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography, Hire Photographer, Event Photographer, Quality Photographer, Best Photographer Ever!, Affordable, Engagements, Bride & Groom, Family Sessions,

GS3 Photography 2017 FraserNet Power Networking Conference, from July 6-8, 2017, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland

More than 50 years after passage of the Civil Rights Act and nearly eight years after President Barack Obama’s election, achieving economic empowerment for African-Americans still remains an elusive goal, according to the National Urban League’s 2015 “State of Black America.”

That’s why artist photographer and entrepreneur Georgio Sabino III will follow in the footsteps – literally and figuratively – of long-time mentor, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Dr. George C. Fraser, to capture the key moments and messages that will inspire others.

GS3 Inc. is the official photographer for the 2016 FraserNet Power Networking Conference, from May 26-28, 2016, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The theme of this 15th anniversary event is “Accelerate: A New Model for Change.”

“If you have any doubt in your mind whatsoever whether ‘Black Lives Matter’, then networking in our own community among Black America’s most powerful leaders will reaffirm the ability to create, connect, collaborate, communicate and change,” states Sabino. “We absolutely want to leave a legacy of empowerment, inspiration and wealth to our next generations.”

“Nowadays if you want to get noticed, you also have to be digitally visible or you’ll be left behind,” Sabino continued. More than three billion people use the Internet, according to the United Nations agency that monitors international communications. In the U.S., a study by the Pew Research Center indicates at least 74% of online adults use social media for networking.

“But word of mouth and one-on-one personal relationships through networking still remain the best marketing tools to promote your goods or services. Facial recognition with your associated image helps to reinforce your mission and message, whether it’s for printed business cards or social media,” says Sabino. 

The GS3 Inc. team will provide daily photographic and video coverage of the event, as well as private corporate or individual photography sessions by advance reservation. Sabino notes, however, that the team schedule already is filling fast with graduation, engagement and wedding date reservations. For more information, go to or call (216) 256-7018.

Contact: Christopher Yoshito 
Phone:  (678) 592-8213

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GS3 Summers in ‘Hotlanta’: ‘Building Economic Power for Black America’

Nothing tops the hot sizzling sun like Georgio Sabino III during his summer tour in Atlanta. The Ohio-based fashion photographer recently completed his summer season at the thriving southern metropolis which reflects the graciousness, charm and exuberant extrovertedness that Sabino embodies.

Sabino, with subsidiary operations of GS3 in Atlanta, was the official photographer among the many hundreds of celebrity participants circulating at George Fraser’s Annual PowerNetworking Conference, before proceeding to the annual conference of 100 Black Men and the National Urban League, as well as an NFL gathering among the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints. 

Absorbing the city’s energy and vibrant club scene, he was drawn to its metropolitan spirit. “Atlanta’s full of life, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are nightclubs on the rooftops of buildings like Bed, Verb and The Compound. That I was able to VIP through the whole two months there is amazing,” he remarked. 

Sabino captured the highlights of each event that he photographed, tempering each experience with his own insights and reflections. When asked what he expected to gain from his foray to Atlanta, Sabino stated, “My goal was to meet new people, network and gain new clients — to make GS3 more of a national presence. I met a LOT of people.” From the National Urban League, among those he met was supermodel Iman, “one of the greatest fashion supermodels — every fashion designer’s dream” and actor Morgan Freeman.

Even more impressive to Sabino was meeting several delegates who marched in the civil rights movement with Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “These people were a testimony to helping establish a better place on this earth,” he commented. Like his many positive role models such as Tiger Woods and President Clinton, Sabino’s affinity for circulating among the rich and famous is ultimately a humble and humanitarian desire “to do something positive, for real…I want to create movement, an impetus, that people will want to join, to invest and be a part of. I’m living my dream right now, just as much as someone like Tiger Woods. The difference is that I’m trying to do just as much without the same amount of money. But I’m doing it in my own way.”

Sabino proceeded to the 100 Black Men and National Urban League conferences. Of the latter, he was able to meet and listen to African-American scholar and public intellectual Dr. Cornel West. At the National Urban League, it was really something to see how large an organization they are, and what wonderful things they have done. It was great, number one, to be there, 2) to watch, and 3) to gain knowledge from the superheroes of the intellectual world.”

This year’s conference drew its largest crowd at 13,000 attendees. Sabino personifies the theme’s goal of “Building Economic Power for Black America” as he strives to create a family company that includes his nine other brothers and sisters, and their families, his nieces, nephews and their children. Sabino was among other notable attendees such as: Vermont Governor Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee; Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman; Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, other leaders of many faith-based communities; Fortune 500 presidents, the mayors of many U.S. cities, women of leadership and other leaders of color.

Of the 100 Black Men conference, Sabino said, “To truly sit and hear Bill Cosby speak, you knew you were hearing the truth in front of you because the man is right on it! I’m a fan and an advocate. And in my own right, I’ll be a successor.” 

In between his work as fashion photographer and visual artist, Sabino shares his art with school-age children from kindergarten through high school. Presently he is substitute teaching sixth through eighth grades in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school system before pursuing other business opportunities in New York City. However, each time he returns to teaching, Sabino utilizes what he has gained and translates real life learning back to his students in the classroom.

Sabino also uses the genre of video filmmaking to document and compile artistic interpretations about his ‘slice of life’ experiences. With these digital perspectives, unwavering optimism and plenty of street smarts, Sabino determinedly asserts himself among the students he teaches to demonstrate how their education may be the door to better opportunities and a broader world view than the limitations of their immediate neighborhood. After all, he did it, too.

Ultimately, his goal is to create a legacy for family, friends and generations of youth to follow the path where art has led him. Of his experiences this summer, Sabino says, “I saw it (all), been there, worked it…did it. Ultimately, what kinds of things can I teach these kids? I want to build, manage and design GS3 to be a vehicle of empowerment for whoever wants to be a part of it.”

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