American Chaos 2020

Yes, arrest and convict for time … the American way. (I don’t know the whole story, nor do I try to convict or post based on implicit biases / unconscious biases! George Floyd’s murder should be convicted by this standard, but wait he may not…. Think about that (Privilege)!!! — Critical thinking applies here! If so, then there are a lot of attempted murders to be handed out on both sides of White and Black. But on the other side, when police who are ready for a race war, share what they would do… “slaughter…” how would you respond? “Kill them” too or let them work for another police force!!!??? Would you give these police officers the 2nd Amendment right anymore for this said alleged/planning HATE crime? And since America has a lot to atone for…Study, study, study…for their are many different teachers, not just from one source (media news). Research your reporters and see if they are even reporters. Before picking a party or a color-side to stand by, make sure the one next to you didn’t commit a crime by words or actions…That is called joint responsibility under the law. There is “truth,” but it’s never easy to uncover. So search for it on all sides to make a good informed opinion before you add to this (American) chaos.

Alleged bad police

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