Georgio Sabino the Artist Vision

Describe what you would want to do for your project. Think big: Imaginative, groundbreaking, risk-taking, and challenging.

I would continue building on the artistic jungle series which involves augmented reality and printing the work on fabric. I’d continue to paint and then photograph the work and the animals apply them inside the digital framework and build layer after layer. Once I achieve a comfortable place with the work and it builds depth, and composition I now can apply augmented reality.  I can also print the work out to see if everything is achieved in silk or satin.

I am still building the augmented reality skills to make the work dominate inside the gallery space.

What kind of impact—artistic, intellectual, communal, civic, social, political, environmental, etc.—do you hope your FRONT 2025 project will have? What strategies will you employ to achieve the desired impact? 

The impact artistically communicated between the viewer is excitement for no one know what to expect from the 2D work of art. Once you see and act on the QR code or apply your smartphone to the work of art the mixed media (photo, painting and digital art) comes alive. It is now a 3D virtual experience with sound and moving parts so the image can go through time and space. Now your imagination is sparked and the social experience between the couples or groups are now wondering about the environment and political statements made by the artist. Artistic Jungle really bring the beauty of nature home with being intellectually interactive. 

The strategies are simple create works that have unseen desires and intellectual creativity.

Who are the specific audiences/communities that you hope to engage through this project? How are you hoping to reach them? 

Art critics and patron are the fuel to obtain an artist following. You’ll always have people who like and dislike your work but you have to stay focus on your path of creativity and your strong mission statement to see the project come to life. The internet and social media made it easier to be in other communities that will engage in your type of work. So for myself building a network in varies places provides the comfort and camaraderie to reach the desired critics and patrons.

Where would you want to go for your domestic and international research trips? How might these experiences help inform your FRONT 2025 project? 

If I were to take a trip to research domestically and internationally it would be New York City and Paris. These two would provide and inform me about the new wave of artists in augmented reality artistic space and working 2D/3D. Paris and New York also have an extra character which is the fashion component to my work and seeing the work on different levels of silk/satin and blends. 

How might your proposed project act as a catalyst for your artistic and professional growth? In what ways is it a pivotal moment in your practice? (300 words)

If awarded, the artistic and professional growth to fund these trips and development would/could be monumental plus pivotal in acquiring the networks, consultations, and workshops to build on the intellectual power from these communities. Gaining such experiences could prove as a catalyst with growth and understanding in/from the artworld and the spectators.

Artistic jungle is living amongst us. By using color, shape and imagination the pieces really deal with death and vibrancy of life.. This new work explores what I enjoy the most the outdoors.  When you are in nature you can discover so much. The depiction of the hummingbird shows off its color and brilliancy that life brings or the insects way of life using augmented reality in a 2D photograph.

Artistic Jungle describes two reality the living animals and organisms among us and the 2D work where all is contained. In these works of art we hint life and death without share the gruesome parts. Placing the animal or insect in a non-threatening position not to repulse the viewer.

GS3 digital art searches for dramatic lines pushing vibrant colors but depicting strong contrast between the images in each work of art. An experienced artist, businessman and educator with current participation in the professional arts and business community, he fosters real life connections with business pioneers to build and develop new talent and with a collaborative approach to create new works of art.

GS3 is the chief visionary and prime strategist for drawing lines, creating shapes and exploring his polyrhythmic identity. Exploring the art world by uncovering the “educational genocide” in the lack truth. My work is balanced with cultural sensitivity and empathetic understanding that we can make a beautiful world. I love being a dreamer!

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