The Columbus Metropolitan Library is proud to announce an upcoming art exhibit featuring the works of talented artist Georgio Sabino III (@GS3)

Artist Statement for Artistic Jungle Series: Justice in Nature Artist Spotlight:Georgio Sabino III Artistic Jungle: Columbus Metropolitan Library Art Exhibit My work speaks about society and nature. They are intertwinedfrom a social economic side to being interrelated to my “ArtisticJungle” series. My works of art explore life and death with emphasis onvibrancy of life by using color, shape and imagination. Searching for dramatic lines and tracing vibrant colorsdepicting strong contrast enriches Georgio’s artwork. “A sense of completenessis achieved by paying attention to symmetry and balance,” Sabino shares. “Ienjoy creating art that stimulates the imagination and challenges theintellect, propelling the viewer towards celestial heights where they canexplore, discover and uncover their polyrhythmic identities through my work.” These two-dimensional works of arthave an added component augmented reality (AR). The work is colorful andcreates a scene that I call an “artistic jungle” using photographyand splashes of paint to blend the composition In this body of work, the Artistic Jungleexplores the identity of the most incredible environments, which contains amagnificent ecosystem with a rich biodiversity.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is set to host a groundbreaking art exhibit on March 25th, featuring the works of the talented artist Georgio Sabino III (@GS3). This exciting event will showcase a collection of stunning and innovative pieces that bring the beauty and mystery of the jungle to life in a whole new way.

Georgio Sabino III is a visionary artist who has combined his passion for the natural world with cutting-edge technology to create a truly unique and captivating art form. By incorporating augmented reality into his pieces, he has created works that are not just beautiful to look at, but that also invite visitors to engage with them on a deeper level.

The art exhibit at the Columbus Metropolitan Library will be an immersive and interactive experience like no other. Visitors will be able to explore Georgio Sabino III’s artistic jungle creations in a whole new way, thanks to the use of augmented reality (AR). One of the standout pieces when viewed through a smartphone, comes to life with augmented reality, such as animating nature and birds and inspects.

The library is the perfect venue for this groundbreaking exhibit, as it has a long history of supporting the arts and fostering creativity in the community. With its spacious galleries and state-of-the-art technology, the library provides the ideal setting for visitors to fully immerse themselves in Georgio Sabino III’s innovative works of art.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library art exhibit featuring the works of Georgio Sabino III is an event not to be missed. Visitors will have the chance to see some of the most incredible and thought-provoking works of art inspired by the jungle, and experience the beauty and mystery of this fascinating environment in a whole new way. The exhibit opens on March 25th, and all are welcome to attend.

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