The Wedding Guest Blocking the Professional Photographer’s Shots (7)

There usually isn’t a problem when wedding guests take pictures but when they get in the way of the professionals photographer you hired it becomes a conflict.  Lately with all the new technology out there which has giving everyone the ability to be their own personal photographer. It has been on the rise for a few years now but it seems to have peaked in an onslaught between guests with cameras and the professionals you have hired.  People love to show off their camera skills whether they have actual talent or not. When your guest get in the way of the professional photographers, who were actually hired to take photos for the newlyweds’ special day.

1. Blocking the photographer’s shots Bride walking down the aisle

2. iPhone ,iPad camera shooting start-to-finish

3.  Camera flashes from Guests During Important Wedding Day Moments.

4. Adults guest or wedding party complaining While Photos Are Being Taken -frowing

5. Repositioning the Bride and Groom Not Letting the Photographer Do Their Job.

6. Guests Stealing the Photographer’s Shots Guests Pushing Your Photographer Out of the Way.

7. Guest suggesting what photos the photographer should take. -Over here

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