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The Barber Entrepreneur: Marchell Jones Jr.

In Parkersburg, West Virginia, a barber by the name of Marchell Jones Jr is taking over his father’s business and making it his own. Marchell, who is licensed and ready to cut hair as an art form, believes that every hair he cuts is a work of art. For him, entrepreneurship is freedom to be himself and enjoy the process.

At the shop, Marchell prides himself on providing a welcoming atmosphere where customers can enjoy good conversation based on their willingness to share their stories. They talk about sports, entertainment, and family, and Marchell believes this time spent with clients helps him perfect his craft. He considers himself a student of the game and commits himself to researching and attending conferences to improve his skills.

Marchell’s business is based on his beard niche, which he first started in Houston, Texas. Now he has brought his business home to Parkersburg, where his father has been cutting hair for 50 years. Marchell believes that being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks and doing what you love. He says that his inspiration for entrepreneurship comes from the clothing line Fubu, which stands for “For Us, By Us.”

Marchell is excited to continue his family’s legacy in the barbering industry, and he looks forward to growing his business in Parkersburg. As he takes over the reins, he hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the industry and continue to provide top-notch services to his clients.

Note: Here is a link of Marchell Jones Sr. Over 50 of entrepreneurship

From left, Marchell Jones and his son, Marchell Jr., in their barber shop on 20th Street in 2018. The senior Jones will be feted for his World War II service Sunday at Zion Baptist Church. (File Photo) From News and Sentinel Parkersburg
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