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It’s the Smile (Georgio Sabino III) by Skyline A.K.A. John “Sky” Davison

To know Georgio  Sabino III is a kin to being good friend with a enigma.  A hidden social stigma that many I’ve come across have ,but few use to their advantage.  It’s that smile.  It’s that smile that says “I know a secret you don’t…yet.”  That’s the difference I see in Georgio Sabino III, owner and proud founder of GS3 Studios.  He is a man with more than just a secret, but a vision; a vision for anyone willing to take the risk of listening, then considering, then perhaps puitting to action some of this vision into pratice in owe’s own life.  If it fits, fine.  If not then perhaps pass the knowledge on to someone else.  Maybe they can use it.

Photography by Omari Abijah Souza, 2020 Photography by Omari Abijah Souza

What is the vision, you ask?  Well, from my own artist’s eye, I see the vision as one of the success for everyone with a will and burning desire to create be it through the visual arts, such as painting or photography(, his Speciality), but sound , touch, movement  etc as well.  The vision begins with teaching; a passing of tourch if you will.  His vision for himself as a teacher just recently began with his enrollment in CWRU with strict intentions on earning  an advanced degree in addition to the BFA earned in…from Kent State University.  With this begins his journey onward toward bringing to fruition a vision that one day may serve a blue print  for finding one’s own personal creative genius… Dad 759 AKA John “Sky” Davison “Nameen” A.K.A. Skyline Tatoo Artist Brooklyn NYC.

Ahleea, GS3 Super Model Ahleea, GS3 Super Model / Skyline