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Hector Castellanos Artistic Director Picks GS3

I would like to introduce my artist friend Georgio Sabino III, visual artist and a professional photographer.  Georgio is a great artist and he has contributed to many community arts projects including mixed media murals. Georgio is a very well known artist in the Cleveland area, he has worked with me in several projects and community art and cultural events, I hope you will have a chance to consult with him for the Eldred building mural and decor unique project.

Here is his information:

Georgio Sabino III

thanks so much for your time and consideration, have a good day.

    Hector Castellanos    Visual Artist / AT Specialist     Artistic Director /

It’s about your day! Engagement & Wedding Photography

It’s that time of year to plan, and schedule your engagement and wedding! ready when you are!

Call to schedule! 216 256 7018 ❤️💓💗💒🕌🏫🏢

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Why Everyone Should be in Love

It’s an amazing feeling that I will enjoy forever! I can’t wait to LOVE one woman with the hope of marriage. But we live in a time of what I would call “Women’s Seeking-Options.” The options and hope of the billionaire “save a hoe” mentality.

But why LOVE

It’s brilliance … If I told you I walked from Kent State University to Parkersburg West Virginia for a beautiful woman. I’d say it was worth it! And gladly do it again.

The pure joy knowing you can LOVE with the hope of marriage or being a life partner!

Moe & Anthony – Cle Auto Service

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“Moe and Anthony are awesome mechanics!!! unmatched customer service. Very straightforward with reasonable prices too!! They are knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Between my Toyota car or the Sequoia I know they will be able to handle the job. I have added specialty items. Excellent customer service. Nobody beats CLE Auto Service and Ants_Garage! Hands down best place to get your car serviced.”

Anthony Haywood Mechanic Land Rover (216) 609-9859 Fix Land Rovers / 26 & Saint Clair Mechanic Range Rover


Isaiah N. Johnson – Ted Talk South Africa

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