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Monet Photography

Monet photography is a new GS3 photography team member who is located in the Fredericks Maryland and Washington DC area.

We look forward to her dedication, artistic eye, and her development with growth.

My name photography specializes in weddings birthday parties and models.

Engagement -to-Wedding Photography

GS3 Georgio Sabino III, GS3 Wedding Photography is a multi-media design firm that individually designs personal sessions and packages for weddings, corporate, fashion and family photography, and other multi-media art for private and corporate collections. We do have (special rates) for small events, parties and even small wedding celebrations. Also special pricing applies to common 2 day or destination wedding events. @WorldWeddingPhotographer, @ColumbusOhioPhotographer, #eventsphotographer, #bridestory, #photographylovers, #GeorgioSabino,#GS3WeddingPhotographer; #GS3Photographer; #GS3Photography; #FineArtPhotography; #MastersPhotographer; #Bride; #Brides; #Engagements,      #FineArtPhotography; #MastersPhotographer; #ContemporaryArt; #Portraits; #People; #GS3WeddingPhotographer; #GS3Photographer; #GS3Photography; #NeedPhotographer; #GettingMarried; #Bride; #Brides; Professional Photographer Georgio Sabino III

Here are many couples and their wedding photography and testimonials.


San Diego Weddings

To be on the Pacific ocean enjoying a yacht and a wedding is simply surreal.

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Blame the media

Blame the media for not uncovering the real story. Real reporters should be able to find the story behind the truth. That search should lead them to the correct sources, information and provide justice.

Some reporters are only about the surface and sensationalizing what they see and not what the real story is. This is a big business all about capital greed and the bottom line. Great Reporters search for truth and justice and not just report the surface.

Educational Genocide: the next wave

Educational genocide is about the deception, corruption and the decay of humanity. We need to share the knowledge and truth to begin a new path in human history. We are going to go through life and show people protesting for the rights to survive generationally. Lets Record history through paining an observation.

Pain, struggle, voting, assembly, uniting, coalition, togetherness, worldly, culturally, humanly, mankind, all people, fighting for what’s right, educating our youth, around the world, helping our veterans, helping elderly, helping poverty, humanity should build all people up, using technology innovation and time, we are the world, it’s time to be the truth, fighting for victims, Bring the change, starts with you, love one another, save the planet, protect our environment, saving cultures, by art locally regionally and nationally or internationally, Business meats artists, our library system should offer degrees, our library system should record the learners, the deconstruction of college tuition.