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Feels like Graduation!!!

My journey has led me to this moment and  it’s the day before I meet a billionaire. 

Like any graduation high school, bachelors degree, double Masters certificate –The excitement for the next day feel so unbelievable. That you reach that day as a turning point, validation, that you have succeeded. 

The anticipation,  the cheering and the love you receive for your accomplishments. As you look back and study the various strategic moves you made. The classes you took the teacher you met and the teachers that inspired you. 

Now you’re in the real business world as an artist trying to find validation, cheers and profit. Artists are business people to.  We have a vision for the world, and Eye for the future. 

And as I think about my successes and my failures I never stop fighting for my dream. I may have taken a break I may have slowed down I may have been derailed. But I never gave up. She is still my love!

Today, I feel validated in business because I am meeting with a billionaire. Even if there’s no business, no profit and no future goals. I had a billionaire meet me about my dreams.

So I asked my God, my Lord and Savior please let’s this venture be prosperous and rewarding for both parties. 

11 Billionaires Georgio Sabino III Photographed

I have photographed thirteen billionaires in my lifetime so far…

One. Earl G. Graves Sr.

Two. Oprah Winfrey

Three. Dan Gilbert

Four. Jeff Hoffman

Five. Warren Buffett

Six. Tyler Perry

Seventh. Joseph Russo

Eight. Anthony Russo

Nine. Agnes Gund´┐╝

Ten. Jay Z

Eleven. Beyonce

Twelve. Russell Simons

Thirteen. Kimora Lee Simmons

It sometimes truly amazes me to be able to witness another side of life. I am working very hard to create busines contacts for any one of these powerful people or others to assist with development of my product.

I have found a niche, i’ve seen the power of people who want it. I am so looking forward to having this product produced every year.

Not only for the kids but also for the adults it truly is one of my best works of art. It’s colorful, action-packed and mesmerizes each city that it represents. It’s collaged and arranged brilliantly for the mind to wander. Each time you look at it you find something new and it keeps captivating the viewer.

Then it takes you to the next level. The depth truly captivates.






GS3 Wedding Season 3.0

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