Interdisciplinary Artist: Georgio Sabino III

Georgio Sabino III is the chief visionary, strategist, and an advocate for civic engagement, education, and mentoring in the arts. In 1999, GS3 graduated from Kent State University (BA).  Also earned an M.A. in Art Education from Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Institute of Art in 2009. A member of the Ohio Art Education Association and various other organizations. As an experienced artist, businessman, and educator for the professional arts and business community.  GS3 fosters real life connections with business pioneers to build and develop student talent and works of art.  With more than 25 years’ of business ownership his perspective has provided quality leadership, developed student’s voices in the community and participates in giving back in the neighborhood.  He has been involved wholeheartedly to advance the mental, physical well-rounded being for customers, clients and students, balanced with cultural sensitivity and an empathetic understanding of buying patterns and varied learning styles.

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