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The Artist Georgio Sabino III

If it is a rare thing for art and industry to marry seamlessly than Georgio Sabino III is a true unicorn. He is prompt, cordial and has a very demure and subtle approach to being hospitable. This aforementioned trait allows him to a perfect fit for every occasion corporate function, wedding, concert or a mitzvah. In my eyes GS3 is the gold standard by which all other photographers are measured. Georgio is a kindred to the late Bill Cunningham of the New York Times because of his affinity and dedication to the work and the art of story telling. His desire can only be described as enthralled. His diligence is only rivaled by his passion. His passion is the flame that brews up a flavorful, hearty and smooth jambalaya of innovation, creativity. His work is magical, as it is wonderfully textured and brilliant in how vibrant the many hues of color draw you into another world; the world of the photo.  Above all things his since of urgency for promptly delivering photos is unbelievable. When he arrives upon delivery you will swear you hear the rumbling of the swaying wagons and robust horses of the pony express. Georgio is simply a pro and when he puts his signature on your memories they become classics.

Andre Cato

Artist Amanda Coulter Duffy Portraits

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Cleveland Photographic Art Show

Herb Asherman, Robert Banks, Donnell black, Rodney Brown, Charles Buckett, Janet Century, Amanda Duffy, Richard Durrah, Jeff Foreman, Dell good, Chris Hovan, Jeff Ivey, Chuck and Janice, Michael Lily, Janet Macoska, Mark Mindlin, Randy or Norfus, AnaStasia Pantsios, Thomas Darryl Polk, Robert Rhym, Vince Robinson, Walter a Rogers Junior, Georgio Sabino, McKinley Wiley, and Vince White