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Velosano Cleveland Cleveland Clinic


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Silver B Richards “In the Mix Mix Mix” Legend

Local Legend has passed away Silver B Richards you’ve helped promote and guide so many lives to be better in their passion and pursuit. Pioneer!!! You will missed and loved forever…

Silver B’s Edutainment Royalty Round-Table

A Cleveland icon in the hip-hop community.

Silver B Richards Local Legend of Cleveland Ohio

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Jay Z & Silver B in the Mix Mix Mix
Joe Jackson & Silver B in the Mix Mix Mix

RIP Bill “Silver B” Richards 😇 A true community hero & trailblazer throughout Cleveland, Ohio and beyond 🙏🏾

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Put-in-Bay Bridal Party

Hello, We look forward to working and capturing the best images for you and family to enjoy. Please review why we would be a great fit. We offer two professional photographers for an additional $400. Meet your photographer, Georgio Sabino III: Georgio Sabino of GS3 photography combines technical proficiency, patience, intuition, and his unique artistic sensibilities. Whether it’s an inquisitive expression, a bride’s nervous anticipation, a brides first gasp of air after the first kiss. GS3 goes about his chosen passion and profession with an eye for the moment and a heart for beauty. Sabino’s natural empathy for people helps him capture his subjects in a candid and organic manner. GS3 works hard to make his clients feel comfortable enough to let their guards down and be themselves in front of his camera because that is when the best photographs are taken. Some of our experiences as a professional photographer include – our team has covered 4 presidents, OSU buckeyes-win, Cavaliers-win, Arnold Classic, Whitehouse and many others. We have hundreds of wedding testimonials. Our quality and professionalism set us apart. We would enjoy covering your precious moments. We love capturing family history.

Maria’s Wedding
Maria’s Wedding
Maria & Juan’s Wedding

Trump: Willing to Start Third World War to Stay in Office

Once I heard US assassinated Iran military commander in Iraq, I knew it was a political strategy because no president during wartime has been an unelected out of office during wartime in election year.

At all costs Trump is strategizing the nation to get everyone to rally behind him because of this kill.  Iran vows “harsh revenge” after US kills the top general says CNN.

Trumps political strategy is to win US election because he knows he goes to prison if he loses the election.  Trump has 17 or more investigations going on and waiting whether he is seated in office or not. New emails come to light links Ukraine and ties Trump directly to quid pro quo. Only if he’s elected to office can he skirt the law because statute of limitations.

In 2011, trumps confession  confirms listen.

So by raising the tension between these two nations Trump envisions Americans rallying together.  keeping him in office at all costs because now his erratic behavior, borderline closet crazy (Kelly Conway’s husband insertions) can be looked upon as a strength.

But what we know about trump this is about self -preservation. These strikes is only to keep him in-power and tort the reality of his impeachment and investigation. He would like to look like a hero but these actions could start the Third World war. 

Photo credit GS3 Photography

Photo credit #GS3photography

I predict during his rallies trump will amp up, provide more confusion with hostilities and taunt the Iranians to war. Trump will use the big stick approach which will more than likely get Americans killed globally. Diplomacy is at stake in a new level of attacks will probably begin.  Remembering 911 and how our country was in shock I believe Iran is in disbelief but ready to defend this high-ranking official. 

The writing is on the wall I urge all Americans to see past their political belief. This easy wag the dog approach it is extremely visible if you watch this erratic, unstable and unhinged president fight to stay in office. 

We have been taught all of our lives about the Middle East and how its unstable, but now it’s well beyond that point. Nancy Pelosi we need your prayers as well as the Nations and the people globally. And for anyone not listening this is called “educational genocide” the unwillingness to listen, comprehend or actually tell the truth in a debate or in this case to the American people.

“God bless America!” in this clear violation of the Constitution Tulsi expresses presidential Democratic  candidate States on Fox News 

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I Love Capturing History

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