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Spice of Life: Georgio Sabino III By:Maria Gatmaytan

Spice of Life: Georgio Sabino III By: Maria Gatmaytan

The Greek orator and politician Demosthenes once said “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises”. More than 500 years later, who would have thought that artist Georgio Sabino III (GS3) would be fulfilling these very words.

If variety is the spice of life, then GS3 is the hottest spice you will find among the artists of New York City and Cleveland’s cultural scene. Variety and versatility is what distinguishes this 42-year-old from the average painter, photographer or designer. Sabino engages in all media to expose his keen eye to rare raw beauty.


Super Model: Krista by GS3, 2020 Super Model: Krista by GS3

As an artist following his passion, he spends every minute of his waking life making opportunities and experiences happen such as photographing the 44th inauguration of President-elect Barrack Obama.

President Obama Photo by GS3 President Obama Photo by GS3

Georgio Sabino III is a fashion designer, photographer and professional artist of multi-media. As the second youngest of 10 children, Sabino began drawing and painting since the age of five years old. “As I reminisce, it’s been my pleasure to receive family influences” said Sabino.

GS3 Fashion Illustration GS3 Fashion Illustration

His early influences were shaped, in part, by the musical and artistic preferences of other family members, the works of M.C. Escher and Mondrian, along with his involvement in the 1980’s world of punk rock (including the early years of the Cure, the Smith and Bauhaus) and Hip Hop like U.F.T.O, Grand Master Flash & Melle Mel, and Run DMC,

Skateboarding culture and “all that childhood stuff you grow up with, that stays with you, y’know…especially the music” shaped his views about art and broadened his exposure to various cultures, ideas and other ways of looking at the world. By 7th grade, Sabino knew that he wanted to pursue the visual and textile arts as a career.

A 1999 graduate of Kent State University, Sabino’s bachelor of fine arts degree is specialized in fashion design and sculpture. He also gained additional training at the Cleveland Institute of Art and through a variety of life experiences, commonly known across the board as the school of hard knocks. But currently GS3 is one semester away from graduating from Case Western Reserve University Art Education program. “Its been an enlightening experience, to want to educate the new (art) minds of tomorrow, but a passionate struggle to gain the pedagogic wisdom to serve the community.”

Ahleea, GS3 Super Model Ahleea, GS3 Super Model

An eclectic artist of painting, photography and fashion, Sabino remains unlimited by the conventional approach of singular mastery in only one of the creative arts, and instead chooses to work with diverse media. His goals, although idealistic to some, appear attainable to him. “I want my own skyscrapers,” he casually stated when asked to what extent he would like his art to advance.

“Personally, I don’t see why you have to limit yourself to one thing in the arts. If you believe and trust in your art, you can apply it in your life in so many ways. For example, in medicine I learned that there was a need to redesign a fabric that could be used in hospitals, that was both absorbent of fluids on the outside and able to repel liquid on the inside,” he said to illustrate his point.

“I relate everything to the way I think, behave and how I use the canvas. I like working with silk because it has that quality of being very soft to [the] touch. It’s what people [clients] want to feel next to their skin…” he says.

Untitled, Mixed Media: 16’x 8’ 2005 Untitled, Mixed Media: 16’x 8’ 2005

Armed with an ambitious spirit and entrepreneurial drive, Sabino established “Soul Fire” a fashion boutique in Soho, New York, which specialized in couture wear; before moving to Cleveland to attend graduate school at Case Western Reserve University, where he will pursue a master’s degree in art education.

In sharing his love of the arts, Sabino already has taught courses at the Cleveland School of the Arts, the Virginia Marti College of Fashion Design and Ursuline College. He also conducts private instruction in the visual arts, consultation in fashion and photography, and is available for guest lectures. “I would love to have the level of sophistication obtain to teach,” he noted.

Georgio Sabino III Georgio Sabino III

“My palette, to me, is not just [about] what I want to do, but also how to advance and/or put it into its next level. For example, an artist and a doctor share a common goal – to help people who need healing. My world is the elements and principles of art such as colors shapes, and space. If I can spark someone’s day by producing a great color to enhance, a beautiful picture you created, or adding something nice to a person’s vision in conversation [view/seggestion of art], then why not share your view with the world” said Sabino.

His work has been in the Puck building in Soho, New York, as well as in Secaucus, New Jersey as one of the designers in the 1999 fashion show by New Day Associates. His work has been seen throughout Greater Cleveland in venues such as Sankofa Fine Arts Plus Show June 2004-2006, Artefino “Dog” Show and coming up the City Artists at Work gallery hop, (www.cityartistsatwork.com). . Check out the Art-show in May 15, 2009 at the GS3 Art Gallery otherwise call for an appointment www.GS3.us or online at:



Most notable among his photography accomplishments were Former President Bill Clinton and President Elect Barrack Obama at Strawbridge Lawn, Cleveland Ohio 2008, National Black Arts Festival & International Soul Summit, Atlanta, Georgia, and the Sugar Water Tour and Concerts for Gammy winning vocalists Jill Scott, Queen Latifah, and Erykah Badu.

His photography has appeared in Smithsonian Associate, Essence and motivational speaker George Fraser’s Success Guide Worldwide magazines as well as George Fraser’s book Success Runs in Our People. Locally, he was an inductee in the 40/40 club Sponsored by Kaleidoscope Magazine & Ritz Carlton besides having his work published in Ebony Magazine, City News, the Sun Press, Urban Dialect magazine, CoolCleveland.com and Agustofineart.com GS3 loved judging the Congressional District Arts Competition for U.S. Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, April 2003-06.

Because his work is play, “I’m working all the time,” he stated. His combination of creating art, networking, marketing and sales, is balanced by maintaining tight family relationships and his other interests in music, travel and dance.

“I really want to become known as a fashion and corporate photographer but I am a painter of textiles / canvas – silks and fabrics. I’ll go wherever my art takes me. I have freedom in my art to be able to enjoy the photography, fashion design, and the painting.”

If art mimics life, then Georgio Sabino III is just like his generational predecessor, contemporary artist and author Stephen Nachmanovitch, wose philosophy is: “Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one’s chosen form.” Except in this case, Sabino does not limit himself to only one chosen form of media within the visual arts.

Jay Z Concert photo credit GS3 Jay Z Concert photo credit GS3

East 19th and Superior is a block away from photographer and professional artist of multimedia, Georgio Sabino. He uses different mediums on materials, such as silk, canvas, and vinyl. He as photographed the likes of Lebron James, Jay-Z (in concert), and he is George Fraser’s official photographer along with contacts in corporate America.

His work has been featured at Cleveland State University’s Art Gallery for the “ X-Africa” art exhibit. He has also photographed the dedication of the Howard A. Mims African American Cultural Center in January 2004 where Spike Lee and Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones were in attendance. He is currently scheduling his works of art with. In addition he is producing a book called “Artists @ 1900” #2 it is all about the artists at the Tower Press Building and their works of art. Plus more. It can be purchased online at Artistsat1900.com or direct link:


When he takes pictures, there is a beauty in how he captures the moment of the model, client or his environment “ I carry a camera wherever I go, ready at any time to take a photograph” said Sabino.

In choosing GS3, “the people who have selected my services have recognized how their full potential is achieved through my art, which reflects their best assets. I am also working with a great team of colleagues who help make every detail happen just right for everyone,” states Sabino. Other members of his group include: cosmetic artist Jason Kelly; wardrobe stylist Tawanah Key of Suiturself; hair designers Chanelle Truitt; and photographers Aaron C. Smith, Edric Morales, Bern Webb and Amanda Duffy, Brooklyn Smith, Richard Durrah and Christopher Yoshito.

Krista GS3 Super Model Krista GS3 Super Model

Now he is working with more artists and the community to work together for a local idea. Cleveland, keep your eyes open to help support the arts with them. With the entrepreneurial spirit of a shrewd businessman, combined with his skills as an artist, GS3 brings a fresh perspective to the notion of fashion, photography and visual arts. With an artist of this caliber at arms reach, why sit in anywhere with the same style. Georgio Sabino III is the absolute answer to individuality. Try something inspiring; experience GS3.

By Maria Gatmaytan

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Artists Find Downtown Cleveland a Lofty Experience Deanna R. Adams

Artists Find Downtown Cleveland a Lofty Experience
Deanna R. Adams

When artist/photographer/filmmaker Georgio Sabino III first came to Cleveland, the Columbus native was quickly impressed with what he saw.

“I was immediately attracted to the architecture here,” says Sabino, 37, who moved to Cleveland in 2003. “To me, Cleveland has more architecture than any other place in Ohio. It’s truly a beautiful city.”

Although he lived in New York City for a time, after receiving his Bachelor of Arts in fashion design from Kent State University in 1999, Sabino was anxious to set down his roots, and new business, in Cleveland. “I have fond memories of hanging out downtown, like at Tower City back in the ’90s. There’s such a great arts community here.”

When Sabino began seeking a place to live and set up shop for his GS3 Design Studio, a multi-media design firm, he found that the historic Tower Press Building, one of several renovated buildings near Cleveland State University, had just been completed and ready for occupancy.

His timing couldn’t have been better.

What used to be a mile-long strip of long-abandoned, rundown, century-old structures on Superior Avenue, is fast becoming the go-to area for all things arts-related, thanks to the downtown area’s revitalization, which includes The Lit’s (Cleveland’s Literary Center) recent move into the nearby ArtCraft building.  Tower Press, located between E. 19th and E. 21st Streets, with its 80 uniquely designed loft units amid high ceilings, large mullioned windows, and exposed brick, harks of old world atmosphere and culture. Thus, a perfect place for artists such as Sabino. While one doesn’t have to be an artist to reside at Tower Press, owner David Perkowski has designated the first floor for artists only. Those interested must go through a definitive assessment process, with resume and portfolio, in order to be accepted into the residence.

Sabino, one of its first tenants, is thrilled to be a part of it.

“This place is perfect for me and other artists,” he says. “There’s a very eclectic art group here, and we are all supportive of one another.”

Current residents include painters, photographers, filmmakers, fashion designers, sculptors, stone carvers, visual artists, jewelry makers, and even a millinery designer. The first floor’s Artefino Art Gallery, with adjacent state-of-the-art café boasting 14-ft. high ceilings, provides residents an attractive, open public forum in which to showcase their works. The revamped complex, within walking distance to restaurants, offices and CSU, also has a conference/meeting room and professional fitness center. The 130-ft. tall tower, the building’s most recognizable feature, has five floors with modern suites.

Living and working among creative colleagues helps the proverbial “struggling artist” gain exposure, as well as providing networking opportunities and needed information, Sabino says. “I don’t like seeing other artists starve, and in this environment, you are always learning from each other on where to go, who to talk to, what city has a gallery open to what particular art. We all share that kind of information with each other.”

While working towards his Masters of Arts Education at Case Western Reserve University, Sabino is currently engaged in a video project with award-winning filmmaker, Robert Banks, who also lives in the building. And while Sabino plans to work this summer on various other projects in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, he laughs off a suggestion that perhaps he’ll move on to one of those seemingly more popular cities.

“Are you kidding? Anyone in New York City would love to have a studio apartment like this, and live in a building with all these creative people. All this,” he gestures around his surroundings, “at this kind of rent?

This doesn’t exist there.”