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Jill Scott Music – – Photographed by Georgio Sabino III 

The latest powerhouse joining the ranks of the one-name “songstress sisterhood” a-la Sade, Whitney, Mariah, Erykah & Mary, is the tremendously talented Jill. Sans Scott, you still tremble at the name.

Jill. Her “Beautifully Human” tour graciously made its rounds to C-town in Spring, leaving neo-soul heads and hip-hoppers lucky enough to see & hear her perform, mesmerized. Her Cleveland connection was brief but breathtaking! An unusually warm March evening outside-gave way to a buxom stage backdrop inside called Scott. The songstress silhouetted behind the velvet Playhouse curtain, was patiently waiting to bless the stage with her beauty not to mention, bomb-ass vocals! The indoor venue enhanced the natural acoustics emitting from windpipes that would not soon be forgotten.

Opening for Ms. Jill, was a label-mate. A faceless, nameless warm-up act designed to settle the roaring crowd, and create a diversion for the early birds. A sultry saxophonist followed– blowing instrumental ballads of Scott’s past playlists. The familiar tunes turned the awaiting larvae in our souls into butterflies in our bellies! SHE’S coming.

With the energy of the sax man’s odes-du-Jill still lingering. SHE stole the stage. SHE commanded her followers to their feet, and we humbly obliged. SHE could’ve commanded the sun to re-shine after retiring for the evening-and it would have done so with haste! Just her smile, her larger-than-life presence could’ve made mountains feel minuscule. “You’re here. I’m pleased. I really dig your company-y … ” and we yours, Jill. We couldn’t wait to take the Long Walk tonight.

3 songs in, Ms. Scott encouraged the entranced crowd to come closer to the stage. Despite being a mere 7 rows back, I still fought my way to the 6th, then 5th trying to come ever closer to the enigma that is SHE. We forfeited comfy seats in 7, to stand in stilettos in row 2 the rest of the show. The painful trade was well worth it.

The most palatable part of her show sprung from the song “Do You Remember?” She talked to the crowd as if she was having a “sistah-girl,” down-home talk about love and pride and just “keepin’ it real”! Her monologue reminding black men to “remember” her & other black women– to say “hello” when they see a black woman vs. turning up their noses at us. The primarily black female crowd erupted in enthusiastic applause, cheers, and “You go, girls!” Jill was speaking for us, and did it with style, poise and conviction.

Rounding out the show was “Gettin’ in the Way”, “It’s Love” and “The Way”. When Jill finally left the stage, the audience made it clear that they felt slighted-screaming out “He loves me!” … “He loves me!” Pause. “He loves me!” Silence. It seemed like forever, but Mama didn’t disappoint– returning to quench the thirsty crowd’s cries with a low, melodic hum echoing from behind the curtain. The roaring crowd grew instantly mute. Then … the ultimate serenade. “He loves meeee especialll-lly different… ever-y … time … ” SHE emerged. Again. This time, more beautiful and glowing than the first. Shrieks and screams drowned out the very tune we’d been waiting all concert to hear! “He Loves Me” lasted long .. but could’ve spanned a lifetime for all we cared-a fitting song to end not only a romantic evening, but a soulful showing from a singer who just oozes “black love.”

She sincerely & graciously thanked all of her us for “feeling” her & showing so much love. It was well earned. What’s most impressive about the melody was her “down to earth” demeanor-despite being obviously BEAT from throat to feet! As she stood stage-front, sweaty, bottled water bobbing from a bent finger, grinning like a Cheshire cat on Quaaludes tears welled up in her eyes. The pure emotion flooding those beautiful brown windows, showed her soul. And it was real. It was real. We cried right along with her.

Jill Scott is a force to be reckoned with now, and for many decades to come. She’s bringing back the lost art of love, being IN love, GIVING love & just ENJOYING life in its simplest forms. Her music spoke to us. No it roared, hummed, and howled like a beautiful banshee! Keep doing what you do, girl. We’re listening.


Miss. January .J. Keaton

AM PA – 19 Action News

“When I Hear Jill Scott Sing” By Gregory Mills-El Bey

GS3 Models Call to Schedule 216 256 7018. We will create your brand and image. GS3 Models Call to Schedule 216 256 7018. We will create your brand and image.
The Sugar Water Festival: Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah and Jill Scott.

“When I Hear Jill Sing” By Gregory Mills-El Bey

Aretha Franklin is the queen of soul, Mary J. Blige is the queen of Hip-Hop; so that makes Jill Scott, the reigning queen of Neo-Soul.  To hear Scott sing is like, anticipating hearing the angelic soprano in the church choir that the entire congregation encourages to pursue a record deal!  To hear Scott sing is like waiting to hear the birds in the morning!

Looking into the brown eyes of 32-year-old Scott, is like looking into the souls of her    Harlem Renaissance ancestors, who intended to create music that generations would enjoy.  The life music that Scott creates is suitable for the entire family to listen to.  No matter your religious affiliations, cultural preference, everyone can enjoy Scott’s sounds and message.  When Scott’s music is being played you don’t have to worry about the parental advisory that the music labels are forced to put on some artists CD cases.

The Sugar Water Festival: Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah and Jill Scott. The Sugar Water Festival: Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah and Jill Scott.

Scott’s latest project “Beautifully Human Words and Sounds Vol. II,” is her third album that solidifies Scott as a songstress/diva who doesn’t have to show off her what her mama gave her (flesh) to sell albums; nor does Scott has to apologize for her thick frame in order to be accepted by the mainstream!

“It doesn’t really matter to me who you love, as long as you are loving.  The problem is it doesn’t seem like anybody’s loving sisters anymore.  We are so out of style. What happened?” said Scott in an Essence Magazine interview.  Fortunately, for Scott’s fans and many women who take on a similar frame and frame of mind; Scott is helping to get those sisters to be loved again!

Scott, a North Philadelphia native has added to her artistic resume with appearances on the UPN sitcom Girlfriends and a role in the Showtime movie Cave dwellers, costarring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick; not bad for a woman who doesn’t fit that Jennifer Lopez Halle Berry mold.

Weather Scott realizes it or not, Scott has become a positive example for all women and for the Holistic lifestyle.  To witness Scott’s demeanor on stage and off reminds you of that girl in high school that everyone knew and respected, due to the way she made others feel.  Scott’s music is very much needed in a society that has been forced feed to admire gangsters and thugs.

The music industry is a lot like a fickle significant other whom is self consumed in them and who lives by the model ‘what have you done fore me lately.’  However, with Scott’s approach to creating music, admires can wait for a quality project much like music fans did with Sade’s eight year hiatus from the music industry.  Scott croons an angelic melody that has lyrics of inspiration, that’s why fans can wait for a quality project such as Beautifully Human Words and Sounds Vol II.

 With hits like: Living My Life like its Golden….a subliminal message that weighs heavily on the cerebella and ones subconscious mind; are messages that the music industry needs.     Just as the generation X and the new echo boomer generation hears negative stories and messages of being a gangster.   Scott is extremely versatile, because if you see one of her live performances you will witness this Neo-Soul diva perform opera.  Scott also represents those diamonds in the rough in ‘hoods’ across the country that just need a chance to be heard.

Scott’s music is internationally accepted and brings balance to the universe; and her holistic appeal is the type of music that helps create and sustain life.

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Sugar Water Gives Strength to the Wise by: Will Napoli

Article by: Will Napoli                                     Sugar Water Gives Strength to the Wise

September 6, 2005


In March of this year, Georgio Sabino III had an opportunity to meet and photograph Jill Scott while she appeared at the State Theatre.  A year earlier he had shot Erykah Badu at her show in the same venue.  Scott was so taken by the energetic, smiling Sabino who has photographed hundreds of celebrities from all fields of note that she invited him to photograph the Sugar Water Festival where she would be performing alongside Queen Latifah and Erykah Badu.  Sabino knows a good gig when it surfaces so he agreed to take the metropolis-hopping, night-shooting, beaty, big, beautiful job.

Traveling with the band on the 20-city tour, Sabino was treated to the best amenities and an inside look at this powerful enterprise concocted by Latifah but owned in equal parts by the triumphant triumvirate.  These award-winning songstresses are icons in the industry and ever-rising markers in the progress of creative, entrepreneurial African American women.  Sugar Water attendee Jeffri Epps in Atlanta pointed out, “You’re getting to see three women each of whom could easily have carried the show on her own.”  Sabino found them compelling and unbelievably in touch from the very start.

Sugar Water Tour by GS3 Sugar Water Tour by GS3

In Columbia, Maryland, Latifah’s people were in the crowd and it made for a special evening under the stars.  In fact, all the shows were at outdoors arenas as much to celebrate the summer as provide the widest possible audience.  Their alternatively tough and tender tones were sent out into the world and up to the heavens.  Meanwhile, Sabino was busy capturing the moments in photos that he would send off to the tour’s promotions department.  As powerful and in charge as Latifah and her two partners are with ownership of the tour, they are equally astute in delegating duties to allow them to relax and enjoy the experience.  It’s work, but it’s joyous work.

The first to arrive on site and the last to leave, Sabino is in charge of getting the shots: the ladies stepping off their personal tour buses, the roadies setting up the stage, backstage, on stage, the crowd, the sets, the finale, the wrap up, heading out to the next gig.  In Atlanta, festival attendee Robert Arrington, Jr. had a chance to see Sabino at work and was impressed by his equal attention to getting great shots of the audience as well as the performers.  On his days off, Sabino rests, thankful that the celebratory bliss these women exude is such that his work is also joyous work.  From 7 to 11 PM on the nights of the shows, thousands get to experience the feeling coursing through Sabino like an electric meal.

Jill Scott by GS3 Jill Scott by GS3

Floetry was probably about the best pick for an opening act as could be made.  Their contrasting styles of lyrical soul and percussive spoken word exemplify the unison of separate models of womanly empowerment in a moment of art that spans traditions and emotions.  They encompass Mother Earth and make her sound like a little girl leading the choir or leading a band of street soldiers.  Its no wonder they get standing ovations even before the headliners hit the stage.

Queen Latifah gave two performances in one all on her own as she changed up her jazz and soul selections from “The Dana Owens Album” and went back to where it started for her professionally with Hip Hop blazing through numerous selections in her allotted time.  That would prove to be a major theme throughout the shows: elegant, powerful ladies with range.  These divas turn barriers into bookmarks as they each sing from a fat book of songs.  Latifah strode off stage through the crowd with her finale, “U.N.I.T.Y.” and slapped hands to stress the point.

Queen Latifah by GS3 Queen Latifah by GS3

Jill Scott took her time with her songs.  She stretched half as many songs as Latifah sang into elegant studies of the human voice.  By the time she got to “Whatever” she was enticing the audience with her sultry seductions enough to put them in a frenzy.  Then she finished strong, belting out “He Loves Me.”

Erykah Badu delivered her rare blends in the final set starting light and heading into “Danger” where she trailed away from the accompaniment on an a capella excursion that made the case for her status as a modern diva.  Then she returned to playfulness in her finish with “Tyrone.”


Erykah Badu by GS3 Erykah Badu by GS3

As couples in the audience took in breaths to remind themselves of where their individual bodies were in relation to the new unity of themselves and the world reborn in the night’s raptus, the three stars joined on stage to sing “Never Too Much” in remembrance of Luther Vandross and reminder that it’s true.  There’s never too much love, whether it’s the love of singing to the next town or the love of providing community service when the proceeds get put to use.

Sabino is back in town, having just covered the Don King Showtime fight card at the Gund arena.  He’s also busy with Models-at-1900.com looking for the right young woman to sponsor in spring boarding a new career.  There’s never too much work, but he’s going to take a break soon.  Not because he’s worn out, but because he has to focus on how best he can help his family in Pascagoula, Mississippi, as they try to rebuild their lives after hurricane Katrina.  “Sabino” means wise and his family comes from Pascagoula, but it may be no coincidence that Georgio Sabino III has recently been energized by three fertile souls and become awash in deep thoughts in the songs of his generation.

Photographer Georgio Sabino III on Tour by Nate Wilkes

Photographer Georgio Sabino III on Tour

Recent work by Georgio Sabino III includes the India Festival, New York City’s Basquiat exhibit, and he now on tour with the Sugar Water Festival: featuring Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Queen Latifah and Floetry

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) July 15, 2005 –

“Great art stimulates imagination, while diversity in fashion and design focuses the mind on artistic concepts. In the click of a plush black button, seasoned photographer Georgio Sabino III fuses these media to capture photographs that challenge the intellect, stimulate the imagination and soothe the creative senses. ““People who have selected my services, recognize how their full potential is achieved through my art, which reflects their best assets,”” said Sabino, who also owns and operates Cleveland-based GS3 Design Studio in the Tower Press Building at 1900 Superior Avenue His peers have recognized his accomplishments in the world of photographic art. Sabino received Honorable Mention and a scholarship by the National Arts Program for his work. He also placed third as the Designer of the Year for New Day Associates, in addition to being a judge for the Congressional District Arts Competition, hosted by Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Sabino’s work spans the globe. The artistic eye candy of this veteran photographer was one of the photographers at the Supreme Court Historical Society Ball Inauguration ceremonies, the United States Department of Education, the National Hip Hop Political Convention and, recently, at the George Fraser Power Networking Conference. His creative abilities and work speak volumes. As with most projects, Sabino was selected as the primary photographer.

Queen Latifah by GS3 Photography Queen Latifah by GS3 Photography

A love for the profession began for Sabino as a student 12at Kent State University. There he snapped shots for the university’s student publications, the Daily Kent Stater and Uhuru Magazine, in addition to taking pictures for the Buchtelite, University of Akron’s student newspaper. A desire to combine fashion and design with photography grew as he began to take on more intensive projects with Cleveland’s local media including: the Sun Press, The Plain Dealer, The Call & Post, and Radio One’’s WNWV-107.9 FM. Seeking to take his career to an even higher level, Sabino took on more comprehensive and visually diverse projects that forced him to create art outside of the lens. This feat included art collages, shooting and editing both photo and video feeds. Clients range from the SEMAA program of the U.S. NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, and the City of Cleveland, to Maybelline, and Ethnicity Entertainment Enterprises in New York City.

Erkyah Badu by GS3 Photography Erkyah Badu by GS3 Photography

Sabino’s work also has been featured in Essence and Jet, Cleveland Magazine and Success Guide magazines. Recent work by Sabino includes the India Festival, New York City’’s Basquiat exhibit, and now on tour with the Sugar Water Festival: featuring Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Queen Latifah and Floetry . His projects may be viewed at http://www.georgiosabino3.com. Through the fusion of art, fashion and design Sabino continues to bring a flash of familiarity and style to photography that is promised to have critics and customers appreciating this innovative artistic form for years to come. For more information, Contact: Georgio Sabino III, (216) 256-7018 or gs3@georgiosabino3.com or Nate Wilkes, Publicist, 216-323-6573 or nwilkes88@hotmail.com

Jill Scott Photography by GS3 Jill Scott Photography by GS3