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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER SPEAK UP and Give You The Real Deal… Article by: Amanda Duffy Being a photographer can be one of the most rewarding jobs. It is the artisans in each of us to know when to feel… YES this is the moment!! And snap the shutter. However one man or woman with a camera can never be in 2 places at once. Photography is all about the moment, The details and the preservation of time. As we always prefer to photograph weddings with 2 “shooters. In our case, We do not charge for two professionals to be at your event. We honestly just always prefer to work this way at a wedding or large event. Sometimes brides want to save a little money or feel that it is too obtrusive for more than one photographer to be present on the wedding day.

Amanda Duffy GS3 Photography Team by Christopher Yoshito, GS3 Wedding Photography is a multi-media design firm that individually designs personal sessions and packages for weddings, corporate, fashion and family photography, and other multi-media art for private and corporate collections. We do have (special rates) for small events, parties and even small wedding celebrations. Also special pricing applies to common 2 day or destination wedding events. @WorldWeddingPhotographer, @ColumbusOhioPhotographer, #eventsphotographer, #bridestory, #photographylovers, #GeorgioSabino,#GS3WeddingPhotographer; #GS3Photographer; #GS3Photography; #FineArtPhotography; #MastersPhotographer; #Bride; #Brides; #Engagements,      #FineArtPhotography; #MastersPhotographer; #ContemporaryArt; #Portraits; #People; #GS3WeddingPhotographer; #GS3Photographer; #GS3Photography; #NeedPhotographer; #GettingMarried; #Bride; #Brides; GS3 Photography Team by Christopher Yoshito

But consider this: The second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had photographed if there would have only been one. When the magical wedding day comes. Our team will photograph the moments of preparation from hair, nails, rings, flowers, bow ties and cufflinks. We capture the beauty of your day as you say your sacred vows and exchange your rings to each other. It is always rewarding to hear a bride say… I look so beautiful in that photo. Because after all that is just what a bride is on her wedding day. We capture photos in formal settings between the ceremony and reception. We capture candids in a photojournalistic style through the duration of the day. Too many times, brides fall for something trendy in photography. It is critical that these images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation to come. Trends are fun but rarely last! As it is very important not to “date” the images with styles or backgrounds. We are artist but wedding journalists. We are unique and we are here to preserve your moment. We photograph with a classic shooting style, and we do not manipulate and over edit photos in photoshop. However editing is important. It is simply not over done. You should expect to spend between $2,000 and $8,000 for any decent wedding photography. And superb wedding photography is just what we deliver. We offer engagement sessions. Often times it does not have to be accomplished at the very moment of your engagement. However it is nice to add a photo of the lovely couple to a wedding announcement / invitation. As you may even want Thank you cards after the wedding with your wedding portrait printed on the card. Engagement sessions increase the confidence and comfort level of the bride and groom in front of the camera and allow the bride and groom to practice having their photo taken in a fun, no-stakes atmosphere. We are fun! And we make sure we capture you in a classic way.

Amanda Duffy Wedding Photo Amanda Duffy Wedding Photo

Ultimately, an engagement session will let the bride and groom see why the photographer might tell them to do something funny, such as “whisper in her ear and make her laugh” or kiss her on her cheek. ——?? Naturally this will lead to wedding day comfort and trust in the photographer. As we always wish to capture the real people on the other side of the camera lens. Traditional wedding photography has become something anyone can imagine in the mind at any time. Those photos usually illustrated a group of people standing up, close together. Wedding photography is not all about getting all the people who participated at the wedding in one photo. Wedding photography is about capturing emotions, feelings, and joyful moments in photos, but this can be done only if the photographer is a person who relates well with people and can capture their essence easily. For example capturing the emotions of a father who sees his daughter leaving home at another man’s arm is quite something to remember. Wedding photography should not use only colors; it should also be done in black and white. A black and white photo will stimulate the imagination of those who look at it; it will be like a remembering of old times when people has a more simple life and more time for dreaming. For obtaining a good black and white wedding photography the photographer has to possess certain skills with lighting and shadows in order to make the photo outstanding, just as color does. Colored wedding photography is needed too. This type of photo will illustrate later the beautiful array of style of the wedding party. It will bring sweet memories on how the wedding party felt. How to book your wedding: Book as far in advance as you can. Nothing is more frustrating than choosing a wedding photographer and then finding out that they booked out your date a week prior. This is especially important when there is travel required. We always require a small deposit to save the date. Let the photographer know before the wedding if there are certain photos you don’t like. It can be anything such as ‘I don’t like the photos you took of us not smiling’ or ‘I don’t like wide-angle close-ups; they make us look weird and fat.’ It totally throws off a photographer’s creative approach when a bride spills her feelings while we are in the zone. Communicating is a key element when we only have a short time to capture a fast moving event such as a wedding. It is always best for us to also understand family. Your family may have guests that do not wish to be photographed together and or divorced and so on. It is very important that we know this at the time of booking and planning so we can save hard feelings. The stress of finding all the prints, books and wall portraits does not need to be at the top of your list. As a couple finding the right photographer and getting the show on the road is honestly the first step. Until you see your images it is often difficult to decide what it is that you will want to order.





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We admire fellow photographers, clients and all who support the ART world. GS3 is a team that consist of reputable professionals in the arts of photography, media, fashion and design. Please feel free to ask questions about our services that we offer. We are here for you in every way! Thank you – The GS3 Team Amanda, Georgio & Christopher

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Photographer Georgio Sabino III on Tour by Nate Wilkes

Photographer Georgio Sabino III on Tour

Recent work by Georgio Sabino III includes the India Festival, New York City’s Basquiat exhibit, and he now on tour with the Sugar Water Festival: featuring Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Queen Latifah and Floetry

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) July 15, 2005 –

“Great art stimulates imagination, while diversity in fashion and design focuses the mind on artistic concepts. In the click of a plush black button, seasoned photographer Georgio Sabino III fuses these media to capture photographs that challenge the intellect, stimulate the imagination and soothe the creative senses. ““People who have selected my services, recognize how their full potential is achieved through my art, which reflects their best assets,”” said Sabino, who also owns and operates Cleveland-based GS3 Design Studio in the Tower Press Building at 1900 Superior Avenue His peers have recognized his accomplishments in the world of photographic art. Sabino received Honorable Mention and a scholarship by the National Arts Program for his work. He also placed third as the Designer of the Year for New Day Associates, in addition to being a judge for the Congressional District Arts Competition, hosted by Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Sabino’s work spans the globe. The artistic eye candy of this veteran photographer was one of the photographers at the Supreme Court Historical Society Ball Inauguration ceremonies, the United States Department of Education, the National Hip Hop Political Convention and, recently, at the George Fraser Power Networking Conference. His creative abilities and work speak volumes. As with most projects, Sabino was selected as the primary photographer.

Queen Latifah by GS3 Photography Queen Latifah by GS3 Photography

A love for the profession began for Sabino as a student 12at Kent State University. There he snapped shots for the university’s student publications, the Daily Kent Stater and Uhuru Magazine, in addition to taking pictures for the Buchtelite, University of Akron’s student newspaper. A desire to combine fashion and design with photography grew as he began to take on more intensive projects with Cleveland’s local media including: the Sun Press, The Plain Dealer, The Call & Post, and Radio One’’s WNWV-107.9 FM. Seeking to take his career to an even higher level, Sabino took on more comprehensive and visually diverse projects that forced him to create art outside of the lens. This feat included art collages, shooting and editing both photo and video feeds. Clients range from the SEMAA program of the U.S. NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, and the City of Cleveland, to Maybelline, and Ethnicity Entertainment Enterprises in New York City.

Erkyah Badu by GS3 Photography Erkyah Badu by GS3 Photography

Sabino’s work also has been featured in Essence and Jet, Cleveland Magazine and Success Guide magazines. Recent work by Sabino includes the India Festival, New York City’’s Basquiat exhibit, and now on tour with the Sugar Water Festival: featuring Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Queen Latifah and Floetry . His projects may be viewed at http://www.georgiosabino3.com. Through the fusion of art, fashion and design Sabino continues to bring a flash of familiarity and style to photography that is promised to have critics and customers appreciating this innovative artistic form for years to come. For more information, Contact: Georgio Sabino III, (216) 256-7018 or gs3@georgiosabino3.com or Nate Wilkes, Publicist, 216-323-6573 or nwilkes88@hotmail.com

Jill Scott Photography by GS3 Jill Scott Photography by GS3